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1.1. Zurix Corporation Ltd. (Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands) provides online trading services via its brand “Markets Xchange” and its billing agent and marketsxchange.com website and domain registrar.

1.2. This Agreement covers all relationships between the Company and its clients who have registered on marketsxchange.com. The Company provides its services only to persons who are of legal age.

1.3. The Company has the right to change or amend the Agreement at its sole discretion from time to time. All changes will be effective immediately, once updated and published on the website. If the Client continues to use the services of the Company after this term, then by default this means the Client has given consent to the changes that have been made. For the avoidance of doubt, it is advised that the Client regularly checks this Agreement for any changes and monitors news on marketsxchange.com

2. Eligibility and general Bonus and promotion conditions

2.1. The Bonus can be used by those clients of the Company who are considered “eligible” according to the terms and conditions outlined hereby.

2.2. An “eligible” client as defined in this agreement is one who has submitted the requested KYC documents and completed the Company’s Clients’ Due Diligence procedures and has consequently become approved as a client by the Company and is allowed to trade under the Company’s general terms and conditions.

2.3. The Company offers the Bonus at its absolute discretion and is thus able to make it available to eligible clients in any countries and regions it deems appropriate, as long as the client has successfully completed the KYC and Due Diligence procedures.

2.4. The Company reserves the right to stop any Bonus and promotion programs at any time.

2.5. The Company reserves the right to cancel any assigned Bonus at any time in case the client has not collected the required trading volume.

2.6. The Client acknowledges and agrees that Bonus funds are used to support Client’s account in terms of free margin and in case Client’s account sustain losses, those losses shall first be covered by Client’s own funds and Bonus funds afterwards.

2.7. The amount of Bonus shall be decided by the Company, offered and credited to the trading account of the Client and is subject to terms of the offer made by the Company.

2.8. All winnings gathered using the Bonus funds in the Client’s account shall become available for withdrawal should the following conditions be met:

a) A minimum trading volume requirement of 40x times the Client’s given Bonus amount is reached.

2.9. If the Company discerns any indication of or suspects any form of illegal, unfair and/or abusive trading methods (including but not limited to trading behaviour that indicates an attempt to benefit financially from the Trading Bonus without taking market risk and/or opening and using more than one account per Client) in addition to any indication or suspicion of fraud, manipulation or a breach of the Company’s agreement, and all policies and conditions related to this Bonus, it will annul all previous Bonuses credited to the account of the Client and any related accounts. In the event of such cheating, Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel all transactions carried out and/or profits or losses acquired therein and to immediately block all relevant accounts without a notice.

2.10. The Client acknowledges and agrees that by opening the account and trading online with the trading account having Bonus funds, Client accepts this Agreement, he/she will be able to access the Company’s trading system and will be able to make trades on the investment instruments which are offered by the Company.

3. Risk disclosure

3.1. Eligible Clients should always make trading decision which reflect and are consistent with their trading comfort level. The Bonus is not designed to affect or modify Clients’ risk appetite or cause them to trade in a manner inconsistent with their investment.

3.2. Trading in the products offered by the Company carries a high degree of risk which may not be fitting for all Clients. Before making the decision to trade the products offered by the Company, Clients should carefully consider their investment objectives, trading experience, risk appetite and Bonus trading volume requirements. Trading can result in the loss of a Client’s entire initial investment and more. Clients should not move away from their typical trading strategies in order to satisfy the requirements set out in these Bonus terms and conditions.

3.3. These Bonus terms and conditions do not disclose or detail all of the risks associated with investing in the Company’s products. Clients are strongly advised to review the Company’s general terms and conditions and risk disclosure in their entirety. These can be founds on the Company’s website marketsxchange.com.