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Negative Balance Protection

Markets Xchange provides negative balance protection to all individual customers. This binding policy ensures that customer accounts can not go negative so you can never lose more than paid-up capital even in the event of extreme volatility. The interests of our customers are our primary objective and it is for this reason that the level of trade out on your account exists to make sure that you do not lose more money than you have deposited.

Careful Risk Management

Our qualified financial team puts its best efforts to control that customers are never overly exposed in order to protect them in the event of any monetary storm. This is why we apply capital risk management, which contains a series of strategic techniques with the aim of maximizing profits whatever the amount invested and protecting funds. Capital management is divided into two major areas:

  1. Risk Management: a factor that analyzes the risks involved in invested capital, based on the position on the market;
  2. Position Sizing: decisions to identify the capital to be invested on each individual position and the breakdown on the various assets.
    Being more precise, risk management concerns the percentage or part of the economic well-being that those who make the decision to invest put substantially "at risk". However, there is a fundamental core, which is the basis for designing each trading strategy.
    • The capital must be adjusted to the financial instrument on which it was decided to invest;
    • Never invest more than 2/3% of your portfolio for a single clip;
    • Always use the stop-loss, in this way the losses will be limited;
    • Identify the maximum risk for the portfolio;
    • Know in depth the market on which it was decided to invest;
    • Consider each operation as a single and non-in relation to the previous ones;
    • In case of profits, close part of the open positions.

Markets Xchange is well equipped to manage market instabilities without interfering in the correct execution of customer trading activities.

Margin Protection

Markets Xchange uses an automated system based on advanced technology to ensure that customers benefit from full margin usage in their trading accounts. At the same time, the limits are carefully monitored to avoid negative balance.

Segregation of Customer Funds:

All the funds belonging to the Markets Xchange customers are separated from the share capital and are deposited in primary credit institutions in order to guarantee maximum protection. Funds are sent to a main generic Markets Xchange account which then distributes them across multiple subaccounts ensuring that fund storage is diversified and any 3rd party risks are reduced hence entire capital is not stored in a single location.

We take banking very seriously and rely on world's major banks across all continents. Markets Xchange has reached its solid state with high liquidity and capital reserves exceeding the regulatory standards.

All the above together with excellent trading conditions and excellent customer service, makes Markets Xchange a true market leader!